[cabfpub] Question regarding Business Entity subjects

Ben Wilson ben at digicert.com
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These have been allowed as "Business Entities" (because "sole proprietor" is
in the definition of Business Entity), if they are "registered" with a
licensing agency - this latter term being included in subsection (ii) of the
definition of "Registration Agency".  


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this is how we understand it based on the relevant ETSI standards.

You have a proper government registry to verify your client's (business
entity) existence, does it matter how many individuals are representing that
business entity?


On 6/30/2014 6:02 PM, Rich Smith wrote:


Does a licensed professional operating as a sole proprietor qualify for EV
as a Business Entity assuming we can verify the license through the proper
government authority?



Chartered accountant/CPA

Licensed plumber or electrician

General contractors



The Guidelines do mention sole-proprietors as Business Entities, so my only
real question is whether or not a professional license issued by the
appropriate government authority establishes legal existence under section




Rich Smith

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