[cabfpub] New TLS Feature (OCSP MUST Staple) draft

Phillip Hallam-Baker philliph at comodo.com
Wed Jun 11 18:24:50 UTC 2014


I have just posted:


The main change from the previous draft is that we now have a proposed OID assignment and an IANA section. Previously we did not need an IANA section because it wasn’t an IANA registry yet.

There is a proposed code point. THAT COULD CHANGE.

But what probably can’t happen is that the code point being assigned to anything else. 

I exchanged email with Stephen Farrell and the situation is that this will go to last call on 18 June 2014. So there is a week for people to read it and propose text for any changes before we go to the last call process.

Also we are looking for a document shepherd.

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