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We can discuss this on the public list.


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Re: [cabfman] Behavior of browsers when there are 2 CRLDP

On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 7:42 AM, <michal.proszkiewicz at unizeto.pl> wrote:

Can anyone tell what is the behavior of different browsers when there are 
two CRLDP in the certificate. 

The things that we are interested in are: 
- is CRLDP address chosen randomly, first listed or maybe some other way? 
- if one address fail (ex. server timeout or 404 error) does browser try 
another one, after what time? 

I know that Firefox won't be using CRL's at all in the near future, but 
how does it look for the other browsers? (IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera) 
What about mobile browsers, are they using CRL's at all? 

One of our enterprise customer asked for second CRLDP address (that will 
be located in customers infrastructure) in the certificate and we are 
researching if there is any point to make such change in the structure of 
the certificate. 

Best regards, 
-Michał Proszkiewicz
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Happy to reply if you'd be comfortable discussing this on the public list.
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