[cabfpub] SHA1 Deprecation Ballot

Erwann Abalea erwann.abalea at keynectis.com
Thu Feb 20 10:33:34 UTC 2014

Since this is driven by evolution of Microsoft Root CP tech 
requirements, lets start from it. [*]

Here's my understanding.

If the certificate is a TLS one, it won't be valid after 01.01.2017.

If the certificate is a Code Signing one, and the code it signs has been 
timestamped before 01.01.2016, such code will be accepted until MS 
decides that SHA1 is vulnerable enough to a second preimage attack. (I 
added the "second" because that's the real attack, obviously, if you can 
do a preimage, a second preimage is easy)
If the certificate is a Code Signing one, and the code it signs is not 
timestamped or is timestamped after 01.01.2016, this code won't be 
considered valid after 01.01.2016.



Le 19/02/2014 21:06, i-barreira at izenpe.net a écrit :
> Would that mean that someone can issue a 3 years SHA1 certificate on 
> 31.12.2015 and would be valid until 31.12.2018?
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> I'm not sure whether I've captured it all, but here is a rough draft 
> of a possible ballot for the Baseline Requirements.
> Effective immediately CAs SHOULD begin migrating away from using the 
> SHA-1 hashing algorithm to sign SSL/TLS and code signing certificates.
> Beginning January 1, 2016, CAs SHALL NOT use the SHA-1 hashing 
> algorithm to sign SSL/TLS or code signing certificates.
> Please provide your comments, edits, etc.,
> Thanks,
> Ben
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