[cabfpub] Japanese regulations for TSA duration of 10 years+

Steve Roylance steve.roylance at globalsign.com
Mon Aug 11 18:51:13 MST 2014

Hi Kelvin/Jeremy,

We’ve had some difficulty locating English language regulations for the
discussion but hopefully this addresses the point in more detail.  The basic
idea is that TSA services should ideally be consistent in that we can use
the same services across multiple areas.  i.e. not to have one for EV Code
Signing, Another for AATL signing another for XXX etc.

As the TSA has to be a minimum of 10 years and as the recommendation in BR
Code Signing is to cycle every 15 months then the maximum duration for any
TSA cert must be 135 months.

Thanks for any feedback.   I hope this is acceptable as I can’t see why the
other current EV maximum was chosen, then I’m happy to make some text
suggestions and amendments.

[ 1. ] The outline of the state policy for Promoting Computerization

of Documents by METI.

(this material was published in 2008.)


[ 2. ] Time-Stamping Accreditation Scheme in Japan.


[ 3. ] Actual example :Quotations from “Companies Act”

Subsection 2 Financial Statements, etc.

(Preparation and Retention of Financial Statements, etc.)

Article 435 

(1)     A Stock Company shall prepare a balance sheet as at the

day of its formation pursuant to the applicable Ordinance

of the Ministry of Justice.

(2)     A Stock Company shall prepare Financial Statements (meaning

balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other statements

prescribed by the applicable Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice

as necessary and appropriate in order to indicate the status of the

assets and profits and losses of a Stock Company) and business

reports for each business year and supplementary schedules thereof

pursuant to the applicable Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice.

(3)     Financial Statements and business reports and supplementary

thereof may be prepared by Electromagnetic Records.

(4)     A Stock Company shall retain its Financial Statements and

schedules thereof for ten years from the time of preparation of the


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