[cabfpub] Pre-Ballot Draft review of Edits to EVG 11.13

Ben Wilson ben at digicert.com
Wed Apr 30 16:23:57 UTC 2014

No.  I didn't create a redlined version in Word or Google docs yet for that
proposed change.  I can do that without much effort.  My usual process is to
revision the EV Guidelines officially upon adoption/passage of the ballot.
For example, voting starts today on Ballot 121  and closes next week.  If
Ballot 121 passes, then the EVG will be redlined and published as version
1.4.7, then upon passage of Ballot 122, the next EVG would be v.1.4.8, and
Ballot 123 would be v.1.4.9. 


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The version published on Google Docs does not yet include the changes
proposed in Ballot 121 ("EVGL Insurance Requirements"), does it?


Il 30/04/2014 07:11, Ben Wilson ha scritto:


Here is a redlined version of proposed changes to 11.13 (and a minor one to
11.7).   These PDFs also include language from Ballot 122, but the two are
separate ballots-Ballot 122 is already underway.  Also, some of the changes
might look as if large portions were deleted, but that is just because one
of the sections was reordered.  I will be saving the full versions in PDF
and in Word to the Wiki, in case anyone needs to look at them.  And, just in
case, I also placed a version on Google Docs here -

We'll discuss this on Thursday's call.


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