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SECOM Trust Systems votes ``yes''.
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>Ballot 122 - Verified Method of Communication 
>The EV Guidelines Working Group has completed its review of Section 11.4.2
>of the EV Guidelines (Telephone Number for Applicant's Place of Business).
>The purpose of the review was to "develop a more international process for
>verifying contact information," especially to transition away from a
>landline-centric focus. The purpose of Section 11.4.2 has been to ensure a
>means for communicating with an organization (to verify the authority of EV
>roles and ensure that it was appropriately aware of the certificate request)
>and to provide additional evidence of an organization's existence. This is
>maintained by the proposed replacement language. 
>Cecilia Kam of Symantec made the following motion, and Rich Smith from
>Comodo and Jeremy Rowley from DigiCert have endorsed it. 
>Motion Begins 
>1. Create a new definition for a "Verified Method of Communication" in the
>EV Guidelines: 
>" Verified Method of Communication: The use of a public telecommunication
>routing number (ITU- T E.164-compliant fixed, mobile, fax, or SMS), an email
>address, or a postal delivery address, confirmed by the CA in accordance
>with Section 11.4.2 of the Guidelines as a reliable way of communicating
>with the Applicant." 
>2. DELETE Section 11.4.2 (Telephone Number for Applicant's Place of
>Business) and INSERT the following: 
>"11.4.2 Verified Method of Communication 
>(1) Verification Requirements: To assist in communicating with the Applicant
>and confirming that the Applicant is aware of and approves issuance, the CA
>MUST establish at least one Verified Method of Communication with the
>(2) Acceptable Methods of Verification: To verify a Verified Method of
>Communication with the Applicant, the CA MUST: 
>(A) Verify that the number or address belongs to the Applicant, or a Parent
>or Affiliate of the Applicant, by matching it with one of the Applicant's
>Places of Business in: (i) records provided by the applicable phone company;
>(ii) a QGIS, QTIS, or QIIS; or (iii) a Verified Legal Opinion or Verified
>Accountant Letter; and 
>(B) Confirm the Verified Method of Communication by using it to obtain an
>affirmative response sufficient to enable a reasonable person to conclude
>that the Applicant, or a Parent or Affiliate of Applicant, can be contacted
>reliably by using the Verified Method of Communication. 
>3. In subsection 11.13.1(1)(D), REPLACE "Telephone number for Place of
>Business" with "Verified Method of Communication." 
>4. REPLACE subsection 11.13.3(1)(C) with "The Verified Method of
>Communication required by Section 11.4.2, but still MUST perform the
>verification required by Section 11.4.2(2)(B);" 
>Motion Ends 
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