[cabfpub] Ballot 122 - Verified Method of Communication

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Thanks, Iida.  The ballot voting that starts tomorrow will reflect that the reference is to ITU-T E.164.  Somehow that character and the space were deleted before I hit "send".  Since this is the discussion period, please let everyone know if you have objections or other amendments prior to commencement of the voting period.   As discussed on the call last Thursday, the purpose of the provision is to establish a trusted communication that takes place:  using a telephone number (bi-directional addressing), at a postal address (that can be replaced with other means once that out-of-band communication has been established - e.g. exchange of a shared secret code), and an email address used for official communications, as listed in a QGIS or QIIS.
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What I just wanted to point out was that he might forgot letter `T'.

Thanks for quoting Japanese Wikipedia.

>>ITU-T E.164?
>>>" Verified Method of Communication: The use of a public 
>>>telecommunication routing number (ITU-E.164-compliant fixed, mobile, 
>>>fax, or SMS), an email
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