[cabfpub] Baseline Requirements as part of browers programs

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
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Thanks Robin.  I missed that.  


Still, my underlying point remains the same – a single adopter in a space
where there are only 3-4 major players is a huge success.  The fact that
Microsoft is using the CAB Forum’s EV Guidelines, and choosing to improve
them through that same venue, is a huge success and a tribute to the Forum’s
ability to product relevant and quality work product.  




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Subject: Baseline Requirements as part of browers programs


Hi Jeremy,

                You mentioned on today’s call that you thought only Mozilla
had adopted the BRs as part of their CA program.


After refreshing my memory, I believe Microsoft also require compliance with
the BRs – at least for CAs following the WebTrust audit route.


Search for “Qualified Audit Regime”.


They are also replacing the current standard for government CAs with a BR
audit equivalency standard. 


There are a number of other references to the BRs on that page, too.







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