[cabfpub] Infrastructure for logs?

Ben Laurie benl at google.com
Thu Apr 17 17:07:58 UTC 2014

My team is considering doing some work on the open source log
implementation to make it less of a reference implementation and more
something that you could consider running in (or adapting for) a
production environment.

It would help guide our thinking of those CAs (and others) who are
considering running logs would give us some hints about the kind of
production environment they would like to run in. In particular:

1. Operating systems.

2. Database managers.

3. Any other constraints you might have on a production environment.

Public discussion would be useful, but if you would rather tell me
privately that is also fine. Bear in mind that what we learn will
probably influence open source code, though that's obviously very
unlikely to reveal anything about anyone in particular.

Certificate Transparency is hiring! Let me know if you're interested.

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