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İmren Altepe imren.altepe at turktrust.com.tr
Tue Apr 1 16:33:11 UTC 2014

Dear All,

I do not know if it is late to fill the survey, I hope it is not. 
I'm happy to deliver TÜRKTRUST standpoint about CT and I will be happy if
you accept the answers for survey questions.

"As TÜRKTRUST, we use our custom developed CA, RA and OCSP responder
software developed in house. We also have concerns about privacy issues
related to the CT application. These privacy concerns may also stem from the
clients themselves. Moreover, the timing of the CT plan poses pressure on
CAs to implement their CT infrastructure on top of their CA management
software. Hence, releasing the deadline may facilitate the CT
implementations on CAs sides. Nevertheless, we will comply with the CT
requirement as accepted by the overall community."

a) Were you previously aware of Certificate Transparency? 
- YES.
b) Do you issue EV certificates? 
- YES.
e) Do you intend to implement Precertificates for Certificate Transparency?
If so, when? 
- YES (to be determined)
f) Do you intend to embed SCTs in OCSP responses? If so, when? 
- YES  (at the time of CT implementation)
g) Are you interested in running a Certificate Transparency log server?
- Maybe

Best Regards,


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Apologies for the long delay in collating the results of the survey we sent
out last year.

We decided, in response to several requests, to aggregate the responses to
the questions about software versions.

The results, such as they are, are here:

If I've missed anyone, many apologies - do get in touch if that's the case.
Similarly, if anyone didn't respond but would like to now, please let me
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