[cabfpub] Ballot 89 Again (Publish Recommendations for the Processing of EV SSL Certificates v.2)

Sigbjørn Vik sigbjorn at opera.com
Fri Nov 29 09:48:41 UTC 2013

On 22-Nov-13 22:44, Ben Wilson wrote:

> Historically, relying parties have been required to assess
> the suitability of a CSP's policies and practices for the intended usage

By the definition of "relying parties", end users are "relying parties".
Categorically stating that end users have been required to assess legal
CA documents is plain wrong. Adding e.g. "some" in front of "relying
parties" would fix it. However, this is only an incorrect historical
reference, with no implication for the spec, so not a big deal.

> I don’t care about adding the parenthetical cross-reference to X.509--
> which is more to answer Sigbjørn’s earlier question about what was meant
> by the sentence-- but I think the other edits make the paragraph a lot
> more clear.

Agreed, the cross reference might be a bit much, but other edits look good.

Sigbjørn Vik
Opera Software

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