[cabfpub] Discussion Draft for Revisions to Bylaws

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Nov 7 11:10:59 UTC 2013

Hi Ben,

On 06/11/13 23:04, Ben Wilson wrote:
> Here is another draft for review and discussion.

Thank you for this. It clears up and simplifies a number of rough edges.

* The definition of 'browser' changes in 2 ways:

a) Change to a "major global" requirement. What are we worried about
when we make this change? The influx of many small Android browsers? A
while ago, KDE was an active member due to Konqueror. Would they qualify
under the new rules?

b) The addition of those who verify code signing certs. Is this to allow
in companies such as Oracle, because of Java? What other companies might
it cover? If we are doing a), do they need to be "major global" also,
for consistency?

* This draft brings everyone under the existing IPR agreement. I would
like to see a simpler IPR agreement, designed for individuals and those
who do not hold patents, but I agree that until we have that there is no
point referencing a separate non-existent agreement!

* It is no longer required to have a ballot to establish a WG. While I
chafed slightly at this requirement for the Performance WG, it did mean
we had a discussion about the exact scope and purpose of the group, and
now it's up and running the fact that it took two weeks to get there
seems not so important.

* In one place, you say "ballot, unanimous consent, or similar method",
and another you say "ballot, unanimous consent, or other form of vote".
These should probably be the same. The latter seems better.


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