[cabfpub] Teleconference agenda - CA/B Forum - 30 May 2013

Steve Roylance steve.roylance at globalsign.com
Wed May 29 20:14:40 UTC 2013

Thanks Ben.

Please note that I'm travelling tomorrow and therefore I'll be unable to
provide a verbal update on the OCSP EKU testing as an agenda item.  We've
engaged with the escalation team in Microsoft and hope to conclude/report
progress by the Munich meeting via Simon Labram who will be attending for
GlobalSign.   This item is delaying my final wording suggestion on Name
Constraints, SubCAs and subsequent third party auditing thereof.


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Subject:  [cabfpub] Teleconference agenda - CA/B Forum - 30 May 2013

Call tomorrow - Time: 1600 ­ 1700 UTC
(See ICANN discussion topics below)
(0900 PDT/MST, 1000 MDT, 1100 CDT, 1200 EDT, 1300 ADT, 1700 BST, 1800 CEST,
1900 EEST) 
TimeStartStopSlotDescriptionNotes / Presenters
(Thur) 30 May 2013
0:0316:0016:031Roll Call
0:0116:0316:042Agenda Review
0:2516:0416:293Discussion with ICANN about new study of potential conflicts
between internal names and new gTLDs using same string and ICANN need for
cooperation in obtaining additional data about the use of internal names.
Francisco Arias, Steve Sheng, and other ICANN representatives (See Notes
0:0116:2916:304Approve Minutes of 16 May 2013
0:0516:3016:355Ballots:  Voting on Ballot 100 (Extend deadline re: OCSP)
opens 30-May and closes at 2100 UTC on 6-June.  Voting on Ballot 101 (EV
Accountant Letter) and Ballot 102 (domainComponents) opens Friday and closes
on at 2100 UTC on 7-June.  Ballot 103 currently needs endorsers.
0:0516:3516:406News/Announcements:   threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, etc.
Also, NIST comments are due end of next week.
0:1516:4016:557Agenda Planning for Munich Meeting
0:0516:5517:008Any Other Business
0:0017:0017:009Next phone call after F2F -- Thurs. June 27th
Discussion Items with ICANN:
·         Are non-public domain names used in common names, or just in

·         What types of certificates are allowed with non-public domain
names? (E.g., TLS/SSL, S/MIME, VPN, code signing, access control)

·         Anonymous statistical data is needed to ascertain how many certs
have been issued with non-public domain names, identifying those involving
applied-for TLDs, distributions of those by application / purpose for
internal use, certificate lifetimes, and requesting country-of-origin.

·         Which involve third parties operating CAs under your root CAs?

·         Which CAs allow / don¹t allow certs issued to non-public domain

·         Are policies being revised to restrict issuing certs with
non-public domain names?

·         What issues are of concern from a CA operator's perspective with
regard to introduction of new TLDs at the root of the public DNS?

·         Who from your CA will communicate with ICANN in discussing these
issues from your perspective and that of your customers?

·         What recommendations can be offered for how to introduce new TLDs
at the public DNS root?

·         How can further coordination between ICANN and root CA operators


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