[cabfpub] Proposed motion to modify EV domain verification section

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Thu May 2 18:22:30 UTC 2013

I might agree with this ballot except for one permitted method of validating


"7. Using any other method of confirmation, provided that the CA maintains
documented evidence that the 

method of confirmation establishes that the Applicant is the Domain Name
Registrant or has control over 

the FQDN to at least the same level of assurance as those methods previously


I think this is particular provision is far too vague for the EV Guidelines.




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In the interest of simplifying the EV Guidelines and to allow uniformity of
processes where possible I propose the following amendment to the EV
Guidelines.  I'm looking for two endorsers.


-----Motion Begins-----


Delete Section 11.6 from EV SSL Certificate Guidelines


Replace with:

11.6 Verification of Applicant's Domain Name

Refer to Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and Management of
Publicly-Trusted Certificates, Section 11.1.1


-----Motion Ends-----


Please let me know if you are willing to endorse this motion.




Rich Smith

Validation Manager


http://www.comodo.com <http://www.comodo.com/> 



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