[cabfpub] CAB Forum Call This Thursday

Ben Wilson ben at digicert.com
Tue May 14 18:25:03 MST 2013

Thanks, Kirk.  I like the idea of a memo that reviews the 4-5 major issues.


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Ben – I can’t be on this week’s call, but my suggestion was that we create a smaller working group to review the entire domain authentication process (the rules under the BRs and EVGL), with a deliverable of a memo outlining the 4-5 problem area in our current rules, the likely reasons for the current language, and possible solutions (perhaps multiple alternatives).  The working group would not be drafting proposed changes (maybe later) but instead would be summarizing all the comments and issues to frame it for discussion by the entire Forum, in context.


I think we really need a comprehensive memo on this to avoid going in multiple, inconsistent directions when discussing potential amendments.  If the Forum can reach tentative consensus on how we want to change things, the working group could then draft language for review and editing by the Forum after discussion on the public list.


If the members like this approach, I’d like to serve on the working group (and I would be willing to chair as well).  It’s time for us to start reviewing and improving our standards (and making the language less complicated if possible – some sections are so dense I can barely understand them)


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In preparation for the call this Thursday, could you all send me in your agenda items? 


I have Kirk’s request to talk about domain vetting. 


I would like feedback on the Interested Party IPR Agreement.  


Also, here are some potential discussion items:


Planning for Munich Meeting

Update on code signing working group

Update on member progress on NIST Reference CP review comments

Update on status of CA/Browser implementation of Baseline Requirements

Professional Opinion Letters

Update on OCSP Stapling

Update on Critical Name Constraints, EKUs, Technical Constraints and External CA Audit Exceptions



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