[cabfpub] Appendix D of EV Guidelines - Use of non-Latin Characters in O field

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Mar 22 14:48:05 UTC 2013

On 22/03/13 14:39, Ben Wilson wrote:
> I’ve received a question about why Latin characters are required in the
> O field.  Does anyone recall what our discussions were on this? 
> Appendix D of the EV Guidelines currently reads: 
> (1)          Non-Latin Organization Name
> Where an EV Applicant’s organization name is not registered with a QGIS
> in Latin characters and the Applicant’s foreign character organization
> name and registration have been verified with a QGIS in accordance with
> these Guidelines, a CA MAY include a Latin character organization name
> in the EV Certificate.  In such a case, the CA MUST follow the
> procedures laid down in this section.
> It implies that other character sets are prohibited, but it doesn’t
> expressly.  It says that you MAY convert to Latin characters.

What makes you think it implies that? It seems to me that the idea is
that you normally put in either the non-Latin characters, or both, but
if it turns out that the QGIS doesn't contain a Latin transliteration,
then you have to follow the process in this section to make sure the
Latin transliteration is accurate and appropriate.

I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have decided to prohibit non-Latin character
sets in the O field...


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