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Ben Wilson ben at digicert.com
Sat Mar 16 00:14:23 UTC 2013



In response to Gerv's email of 28-Jan-2013 ("[cabfpub] CAB Forum Document
Versioning"), and changes related to Ballots 71, 93, 96, and 97, I am
preparing a proposed version 1.1.3 of the Baseline Requirements - see
attached "Document History" table.  Also, to address other comments on that
same "Versioning" thread, and also to address BR Issue 33 - Title Pages -
"No single place to view effective dates", I've created a table of
compliance dates.   Please review both tables on the attached page.  


To further address comments about ongoing improvements to the Baseline
Requirements, I have two more suggestions:  (1) we have room for text on
this page that could explain a little about how to comply with post-v.1.0
versions of the BRs, assuming CAs are audited under WebTrust for CAs- SSL
Baseline Requirements Audit Criteria, V1.0, or ETSI TS 102 042 V2.3.1; and
(2) it will be relatively easy to create a redlined PDF that compares BR v.
1.1.3 to BR v. 1.0, so that anyone looking at a WebTrust or ETSI audit can
determine whether any post-BR v1.0 changes are relevant to their



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