[cabfpub] ICANN puts Whois on end-of-life list

Rob Stradling rob.stradling at comodo.com
Thu Jun 27 08:06:52 UTC 2013

This looks like something to watch and consider commenting on...

This is an initial report from the Expert Working Group on gTLD 
Directory Services (EWG) providing draft recommendations for a next 
generation gTLD Registration Directory Service (the “RDS”) to replace 
the current WHOIS system.
Next Steps
Notwithstanding the progress reflected in these recommendations, the EWG 
has not completed its deliberations. The group seeks public input on 
these draft recommendations through 12 August 2013, and will continue 
refining its recommendations as it carefully considers comments received 
online, at the ICANN Durban Meeting, and through other public consultation."


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