[cabfpub] gTLD proposal

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Jan 31 09:48:20 UTC 2013

Hi Jeremy,

On 31/01/13 05:36, Jeremy Rowley wrote:
>       Add the following as new Section 11.1.4:
>       11.1.4 New gTLD Domains
> Prior to issuing a Certificate containing an Internal Server Name with a
> gTLD that ICANN has announced as under consideration to make
> operational,

We should add some references so that CAs know where the official place
is to look for such an announcement, or for "ICANN approval" as used
later in the clause.

 the CA MUST provide a warning to the applicant that the
> gTLD may soon become resolvable and that, at that time, the CA will
> revoke the Certificate unless the applicant promptly registers the
> domain name. CAs SHOULD NOT issue Certificates containing a new gTLD
> under consideration by ICANN.

This second sentence seems to say "you shouldn't do the things we are
regulating in the first sentence". Or have I misunderstood?

> 3)     The CA MUST revoke a Certificate containing a Domain Name that
> includes the new gTLD if the Subscriber is not the Domain Name
> Registrant and the Subscriber cannot demonstrate control over the domain
> within 60 days after the new gTLD becomes publicly resolvable in the DNS.

I believe the original form had an "immediate revocation if it turns up
visible on the Internet" clause? Did you decide to drop that?


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