[cabfpub] Proposed change to bylaws: public voting information

y-iida at secom.co.jp y-iida at secom.co.jp
Wed Jan 30 02:27:18 UTC 2013

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Hello, Gerv and people.

I'd like to know who gain merits, and who gain demerits from this
change, and what kind of merits, demerits they are.
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At 10:21:34 on 2013-01-28:
>Dear CAB Forum members,
>At the moment, according to the Bylaws[0], vote outcomes and aggregate
>totals are public, but the actual votes are private. We would like to
>update the Bylaws so that individual votes are also public.
>Mozilla is interested in determining the level of support for this
>change. We proposed it when we first created the motion to have a public
>mailing list, but there was less consensus around this topic than the
>rest of it, so we dropped it with the intention of bringing it back
>later. We believe it is important for transparency that companies are
>held accountable for their actions.
>This applies to us as much as to anyone else. Recently, Ballot 92 failed
>because not enough browsers voted for it. We stand by our decision, but
>if some CA wishes to say "We would have had this, but Mozilla, X, Y and
>Z opposed it", then they should be able to do that.
>Specifically, we would make the following changes which would have this
>* Delete section 5.1 ("Member Mail List and Member Web Site") bullet b)
>in its entirety, and reletter the following sections.
>* Update section 5.2 ("Public Mail List and Public Web Site") bullet c)
>to read:
>"Messages formally proposing a Forum ballot (including ballots to
>establish, modify, or terminate Working Groups), individual votes, vote
>and quorum counts, and messages announcing ballot outcomes and voting
>[0] https://www.cabforum.org/Bylaws-v10.pdf
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