[cabfpub] Proposed change to bylaws: public voting information

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Jan 28 16:58:52 UTC 2013

On 28/01/13 16:37, Eddy Nigg (StartCom Ltd.) wrote:
> On 01/28/2013 12:21 PM, From Gervase Markham:
>> This applies to us as much as to anyone else. Recently, Ballot 92 failed
>> because not enough browsers voted for it.
> Since this is on the public list it's no secret anymore by now ;-)

Well, I thought it wasn't a secret because I assumed that Ben had sent a
voting summary to the public list, and I further thought that this
summary did include a CA vs. browser breakdown. But I can't find a
voting summary in my archive now for either ballot 92 or ballot 93, so
it could be that these messages never went out. Also, checking back
further to ballots 91 and 90, it appears I misremembered - the public
summaries have not historically included a CA vs. browser breakdown.

So my apologies for revealing the reason for the failure for ballot 92.


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