[cabfpub] Update on TURKTRUST Case

mert.ozarar mert.ozarar at turktrust.com.tr
Fri Jan 4 21:11:46 UTC 2013


Dear All,

 The press release and especially TECHNICAL DETAILS are
being posted on our official web site (available in Turkish at
http://turktrust.com.tr/kamuoyu-aciklamasi.html [1] and in English at
http://turktrust.com.tr/en/kamuoyu-aciklamasi-en.html [2]). Some links
we believe that would help understand the situation better are also made

 As of now, the current data strongly suggests that the
faulty certificate has not been used maliciously. Please check the
technical details document for a discussion of MITM certs on a firewall
and Google's "public key pinning" implementation.

 The second document
and the links shall be kept updated as new information become available.
We'll let you know when the site is updated.

 Best Regards, 



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