[cabfpub] EV v1.4 and errata

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I would certainly think so.  This Errata was proposed and passed a very
short time after v1.4 became final.  Given that a large portion of v1.4 was
normalization with the BRs and removal of duplicate content, my guess is
that the removal of the old Appendix B from the EV Guidelines was simply not
noticed at the time.  The point of the Errata is still the same and still
applies to the BRs, which by extension applies to EV certs as well, just not
directly to the EV Guidelines.


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I haven't looked at it yet, but could it be considered a "scrivener's error"
and merely fixed?


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Just noticed an oddity with v1.4 and Errata.  Errata is for modification of
some text in Appendix B of both the EV and Baseline Requirements.   Table of
contents in EV v1.4 shows no Appendix B and the actual Appendix B in the
body of text appears to be the former Appendix C which has nothing to do
with Subordinate CA Certificates or nameConstraints, which is the subject of
the Errata.


My guess is that we simply removed the old Appendix B from the EV Guidelines
because it was the same text as contained in the BRs.  We need to fix the
TOC and remove the Errata from the Documents page on the web site, at least
as far as it's association with the EV Guidelines.




Rich Smith

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