[cabfpub] DRAFT Certificate System Operational Security Requirements

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Jeremy - remind me - will these Security Requirements be incorporated into the regular WebTrust audit criteria?  I hope so.

We already have 3 audits to do each year - WebTrust, EV WebTrust, and BR WebTrust.  I don't want to have to do a fourth audit, and these Security Guidelines already shade into topic covered by WebTrust.

Having said that - wouldn't it make sense to try to draft these Security Guidelines now so they "fit" into the WebTrust 2.0 audit criteria?  Maybe even show them as potential amendments to existing WebTrust 2.0?

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Hi everyone,

Attached is a draft of part two of the Forum's security requirements.  These requirements ask CA's to consider how management of the CA can impact security and trust.  Requirements that will eventually become part of the audit include guidelines on asset protection, certificate system and operational controls, and software development practices.  The overall goal of part two is to prevent situations similar to the TurkTrust incident from re-occurring.

The commentary in the document is only intended to initiate discussion on the various topics and will be removed prior to adoption. Once these are adopted, we can work on the final part of the security guidelines, requirements on a CA's physical security.

I look forward to your feedback.


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