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Ben Wilson ben at digicert.com
Fri Feb 22 22:37:05 UTC 2013

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ICANN did the following study using fresh listings from SpamHaus DBL, grabbed the whois for those domains, then examined for privacy services to obtain "census" data, to "better understand the wide variety of issues and the potential implications on policy".   

On 2/16/13 6:44 AM, Dave Piscitello wrote:

>> http://gnso.icann.org/en/issues/whois/registrant-identification-summary-06feb13-en.pdf
>> "Percentage of registrants that are natural versus legal persons: Based on our analysis of the WHOIS records retrieved from a random  sample of 1,600 domains from the top five gTLDs,
>>• ·  39 percent (± 2.4 percent1) appear to be registered by legal persons
>>• ·  33 percent (± 2.3 percent) appear to be registered by natural  persons
>>• ·  20 percent (± 2.0 percent) were registered using a privacy or proxy service."

>>The 20% privacy/proxy service is nearly identical to what NORC reported several years ago.  Allegedly illegal or harmful activities were only observed for 18  out of the 1,600 domains (1.1 percent)."
>> Some of you may recall that Steve Sheng and I did several studies on the prevalence of privacy protected registrations among malicious registrations in 2010. Here is what we found then (from a recent presentation to ICLN)
>>• Prevalence of private registrations in general population –18% of domains randomly selected from general population (NORC, Feb 2010) –20% of domains randomly selected from general population (ICANN GNSO commissioned, 2013) 
>>• Results of studies on prevalence of private registrations among malicious registrations –38% of malicious domains hosted at 3FN (APWG, Oct 2009, Piscitello) –31% of domains randomly selected from SpamHaus Domain Block List (INET Asia, April 2010,  Piscitello/Sheng) –31% of domains randomly selected from SpamHaus Domain Block List (APWG, Sep 2010, Piscitello/Sheng)
>> (Our sample size for our Sep 2010 study was much larger than what NORC used.)
>> The Piscitello/Sheng studies are linked to posts at my blog:
>> Abuse of Domain Name Privacy Protection Services http://securityskeptic.typepad.com/the-security-skeptic/2010/04/domain-name-privacy-misuse-studies.html
>>Abuse of Domain Privacy Protection Services: Act Deux
>>Private domain registrations at 3FN
>> http://securityskeptic.typepad.com/the-security-skeptic/2009/10/private-domain-registrations-at-3fn.html

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