[cabfpub] June F2F Meeting in Eilat, Israel

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Ben - good information, and thanks.  But I have a question.

If we hold our regular CABF meeting on June 18-19 (Wed. - Thurs.), for most people that would mean departure on Friday, June 20.  Your schedule only shows 4 scheduled departing flights that day.   I assume they all go to the international Ben Gurion / Tel Aviv (TLV) airport, not to the domestic airport near Tel Aviv, Sde Dov - (SDV) - is that correct?

Will 4 departing flights on Friday be enough for everyone?

In the alternative, should we consider meetings on the Monday-Wed June 16-18, and depart on Thursday, June 19 when there are many more flights?  (Lots of flights arriving in Eilat on Sunday, only 5 arriving on Monday for those who plan to skip the Working Group meetings.)

In any case, in response to your question below, yes, I can make the meetings on June 17-19 (so long as I can depart on June 20!).

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Just to facilitate the process of firming up on the date and location of the CABF's June F2F meeting in Israel, I have pulled together the airline schedules between Tel Aviv and Eilat.  (See attached - yellow-shaded are our meetings, reddish are incoming flights and bluish ones are outgoing/departing flights).   The planes are A320s, 737-800s, etc.. The flight is about 50-60 minutes, and there may be slight differences in the actual departure times.    I'm thinking we should firm up the date now, rather than wait, so that those planning on attending can make travel arrangements.  In order to do that, could everyone look at their calendars and advise this group BEFORE January 2nd, if June 17 (for working groups), and the 18th and 19th for full meetings, won't work?  Otherwise, I think we should just pick those dates for our meetings in Eilat, given the number of flights available between Tel Aviv and Eilat so that people can make their travel plans.  Also, if anyone is interested in visiting Petra over the weekend of June 20-22, I might interested, too.
Thanks and have a great holiday,

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