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Gerv -- on your last point, how would the issuing CA know that an inquiry was coming from its "own customer"?  An inquiry could come from someone pretending to be with a customer, or a member of the public, or someone who is with the customer but not contact we have dealt with.  Today, CAs have to provide a means for anyone in the world to complain about a cert they have encountered.

I think that as a practical matter any CA who gets a CT log inquiry / complaint is going to have to treat it seriously and investigate, whether or not it comes from a known and verified customer contact person.  So the response load on CAs from inquiries / complaints (most of which have no basis) from all sources probably will be significant.

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> Now just imagine just a few tens of people per day thinking that have 
> detected something which mustn't be even their own domain name. Just 
> because they think and because it be very easy to know all issued 
> certificates the inquiries will just come in. And we'll have to read, 
> understand, investigate and answer each case, probably resulting in 
> multiple emails back and forth.

Any false enquiries must by definition come from your own customers (as the certs they are talking about were issued by you otherwise they wouldn't be asking you, and if the enquiry is false, the cert must have been validly issued). Therefore, you will know who they all are and can easily tell them what certs you've issued for them. You could even give them a dashboard to check for themselves, and ask them to recontact you if the cert concerned is not listed, or if there's a cert on the list they didn't request.

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