[cabfpub] Proposal for change of definition of Internal Server Name in the BRs

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On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 9:24 AM, kirk_hall at trendmicro.com <
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>  So would it work to amend the definition of ISN and of Registered Domain
> Name to read as follows?
> Internal Server Name: A Server Name that is an Unregistered Domain Name.
> Registered Domain Name: A Domain Name that has been registered with an
> ICANN-assigned  Domain Name Registrar.
> [Unregistered Domain Name: A Domain Name that is not a Registered Domain
> Name.]

Looks like we're mixing top and bottom posts again.

I tried to make a distinction between Registry (that is, a party duly
recognized and contracted with ICANN to a TLD within the valid list
maintained by IANA) and a Registrar (an ICANN-accredited organization to
interact with registrants)

The goal of the wording should be two-fold
1) Ensure that Registered Domain Names means it is a name that is a valid
TLD according to IANA
2) Ensure that the domain has been registered by a registrant with an
ICANN-accredited registrar, for

For what it's worth, here's the definition of "Registered Name" taken from
the ICANN 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement  (

1.11 "gTLD" or "gTLDs" refers to the top-level domain(s) of the DNS
delegated by ICANN pursuant to a registry agreement that is  in full force
and effect, other than any country code TLD (ccTLD) or internationalized
domain name (IDN) country code TLD.


1.15 "Registered Name" refers to a domain name within the domain of a gTLD,
whether consisting of two (2) or more (e.g., john.smith.name) levels, about
which a gTLD Registry Operator (or an Affiliate or subcontractor thereof
engaged in providing Registry Services) maintains data in a Registry
Database, arranges for such maintenance, or derives revenue from such
maintenance. A name in a Registry Database may be a Registered Name even
though it does not appear in a zone file (e.g., a registered but inactive

1.16 "Registered Name Holder" means the holder of a Registered Name.

1.17 The word "registrar," when appearing without an initial capital
letter, refers to a person or entity that contracts with Registered Name
Holders and with a Registry Operator and collects registration data about
the Registered Name Holders and submits registration information for entry
in the Registry Database."

The above language doesn't quite handle the ccTLD case, but the IANA Root
Zone Database does cover these - http://www.iana.org/domains/root/db

Sorry for the nit-picking here, but I am hoping to avoid future questions.

"Registered Domain Name: A Domain Name that contains as the final level a
valid domain according to the IANA Root Zone Database. For domains that end
in a gTLD, the Domain Name MUST be registered with an ICANN-accredited
Registrar that is authorized to register domains with the ICANN-assigned
gTLD Registry Operator (or an Affiliate or subtractor thereof engaged in
providing Registry Surfaces). For domains that end in a country-code or
sponsored TLD, the Domain Name MUST be registered with a duly-authorized
entity recognized by the Sponsoring Organization of the appropriate ccTLD.
No other forms of Root Zones are permitted to appear within a Registered
Domain Name"

I realize this is a significant expansion on the original language, and may
be best suited by multiple additions to the glossary (to cover generic TLD,
country-code TLD, and sponsored TLD), and while it should be plainly
obvious as common sense, it avoids any ambiguity - and avoids any risk of
alternate registries being used and there being naming collisions.

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> On 17/12/13 02:02, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
> > Within Chromium's implementation, we've long interpreted Internal
> > Server Name exactly as you describe, and that has been our primary
> > concern with the deprecation of such names.
> >
> > The one caveat I would propose that, as we seek to improve wording, we
> > also ensure that the name that has been registered with a Domain Name
> > Registar authorized by the ICANN-assigned Registry for that domain
> > name space.
> This sounds good to me, with Ryan's caveat taken note of. The alternate
> domain names space has multiple competing instances of the same TLD, and
> they will no doubt clash with the new ICANN ones. I think we have to be
> ICANN-only.
> Gerv
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