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Wayne Thayer wthayer at godaddy.com
Thu Dec 12 16:09:10 UTC 2013


We put redirects from all the old pages to the new equivalents in place when we did the cutover.  The 'documents' redirect was broken until this morning but is fixed now.  Is that the problem you're seeing?  We didn't attempt to redirect all the URLs for the individual docs.



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Congrats to all who worked on, or herded cats for, the new website, particularly Ben - it's excellent.

A few "bug reports", now :-):

* Under the "Extended Validation" menu, there's an "EV Guidelines" item which goes to a page with a link to the documents. There is no such item in the "Baseline Requirements" menu. To find the BRs, you have to go to "Resources" | "Documents", which is not obvious.

* We have no redirects from the old URLs. Is there some plan to add those?

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