[cabfpub] Agenda for Thurs. 19 Dec. 2013

Ben Wilson ben at digicert.com
Tue Dec 17 23:28:05 UTC 2013



I am putting together the agenda for this Thursday's call.  Here are the
items I have so far.


Approval of the minutes from the Face-to-face meeting


Automating the inclusion of new gTLDs in domain name screening


Improving the definition of "Internal Server Name"


Clarifying the meaning of "publicly trusted SSL certificate" through
definition or revision to scope of the Baseline Requirements


I'd like to add all other topics that are "ripe" for discussion.  


The next call after the 19th will be January 2.  If we stay on that
schedule, then there might be a conflict with the ETSI CA Day  in Berlin on
January 16th.  But assuming we keep to that schedule, we'd have a call on
January 30th and February 13th.


Then, the Face-to-face meeting would be the following week.  After that, I'd
propose that we'd have our call on the 6th of March (and skip that last week
of February because of the F2F meeting and RSA), and then on March 20th and
April 3rd.


What other topics are ready for discussion that I should add to the agenda?






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