[cabfpub] Concerns regarding Mozilla Root Program/Baseline Requirements

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For the record we think a "reissue" or "rekey" is a new issuance and took great lengths to treat it as such.

As Eddy pointed out, it has a new serial. It is a new cert.

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I think you have it backward.  BR 9.4 outlawed issuance of new 10 year certs effective July 1, 2012.  BR 9.4 also outlawed new 60 month certificates effective April 1, 2015, except for special cases as listed.  After April 1, 2015, new certificates can only be issued for 39 months (except for the special cases where 60 new month certificates can be issued).  So the Forum’s approach in gradually shortening the permitted validity period over time was entirely logical.

And many of us in the Forum don’t think that a pre-BR certificate that is reissued for the remainder of the calendar validity period for a technical reason is a “new”  or post-BR certificate subject to the rules for new certificates.  That’s the basic difference in our point of view.  We don’t think CAs should be forced to breach their pre-BR customer agreements where there is no showing of an actual, significant security issue.

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And since you are surprised about the logical expectation as we've discussed it extensively, why do you think the BR has a staged approach for long-living certificates - first to 60 month and then to 39 month? What could be the reason for it?



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