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I'm specifically talking about a CNAME record. In researching this, it appears that DKIM specifies underscore characters in CNAMEs, but it may refer to an updated RFC rather than 1035 in doing so.  The DKIM spec has in turn driven major DNS providers to start allowing the underscore character in CNAMEs. I have a few examples of this. So I'm wondering if there's any reason in practice not to issue certificates with SANs containing this character, other than the fact that it's probably not compatible with some browsers that expect a proper host name?


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Taken from X.509: "dNSName is an Internet domain name defined in accordance with Internet RFC 1035."

So far, IIRC, the only possible DNS entries that support the underscore character are of type TXT and SRV. A, AAAA, CNAME, NS, MX records can't use such a character.
Refering to a TXT entry is useless in a SAN, refering to a SRV entry may have a meaning (this needs to be discussed). But in that case, the entry MUST follow RFC2782 format ("_Service._Proto.Name", for example "_xmpp._tcp.godaddy.com").

Even in such a case, you'll have a DNS entry such as this one:
_xmpp._tcp.godaddy.com. IN SRV 0 1 5222 chat.godaddy.com.
and the certificate would certainly be delivered to "chat.godaddy.com".



Le 07/08/2013 06:47, Wayne Thayer a écrit :
Can anyone tell me if there is a reason not to allow an underscore (_) character in a DNSName SAN field?  From what I can tell, a DNSName can contain this character, and I can do DNS queries that return public FQDNs in the format "a_b.domain.tld".  A host name does not permit this character, so it may not work properly in a browser, but from what I can tell, some other type of service using SSL should be able to leverage an SSL certificate with this character in the SAN.




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