[cabfpub] Concerns regarding Mozilla Root Program/Baseline Requirements

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Ryan and Eddy - if it was anyone's intention to put CAs in the position of breach of contract with their existing customers for long-term certificates they had issued pre-BR (by effectively prohibiting them under the BRs from reissuing an existing long term cert for the balance of the cert validity period, as the CAs had agreed to do with their customers by contract), that was never made clear by anyone.

If it had been made clear, I doubt many CAs would have supported that position.  We don't think that's a common-sense interpretation of the current BRs.

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We also agree.  We were part of all BR discussions, and the effect of rekeying was never discussed.

There is no such a thing, it simply doesn't exist! There is only a certificate that is either valid, expired or revoked and every time a certificate is issued it's a NEW certificate. It has a new serial number and signature hash...and it may have similar properties as another certificate but it will never be the same certificate. Every time a CA issues a certificate it's a NEW certificate no matter what.

And in this respect it must always comply to the relevant requirements and standards. The word "rekeying" is something CAs invented but it doesn't really exist - there is no certificate like the other and if there was we'd have far bigger problems now.

This was certainly our understanding as well.



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