[cabfpub] RSVPs for CABF Face-to-Face Meeting in Ankara

Ben Wilson ben at digicert.com
Thu Aug 22 23:27:04 UTC 2013



Mert and Atilla of Turktrust, our hosts for the upcoming face-to-face
meeting in Ankara, Turkey, 24-26 September, will be finalizing meeting
arrangements within the next several days.  It is imperative that you let
them know, if you haven't already, whether you plan on attending this


Here is my rough, first-draft of the agenda (Mert and Atilla will be able to
provide greater detail of the logistics):


Day 1 - Tues. 24 September (Working Groups)


.         Code Signing Requirements Working Group Discussions - 3-4 hours

.         Extended Validation Guideline Review Working Group Discussions -
3-4 hours

.         Certificate Status, Revocation, Certificate Validity
Technologies/Solutions Discussion (unlikely due to time constraints)


Day 2 - Wed. 25 September (Status Updates, Problem-Spotting and Discussion)


.         Review of Any New Browser Features, updated Browser Root-Embedding
Program Requirements, review any browser-based certificate-processing /
validity-checking issues 

.         Review/update on Security Controls described in ETSI and WebTrust
Audit Criteria and comparison with existing CA/Browser Forum guideline
criteria and in Browser Root programs 

.         Discuss and identify problems, threats, gaps, etc..

.         Dinner


Day 3 - Thurs. 26 September (Problem Solving, Threat Mitigations, Program


.         Discuss CA best practices

.         Discuss Improvements to EV SSL 

.         Discuss future direction, long-term goals / projects that we want
to work on

.         Meeting wrap-up

.         Board bus to Cappadocia

.         Spend night in Cappadocia


Day 4 - Fri. 27 September

.         Sightseeing in Cappadocia

.         Return in evening to Ankara



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