[cabfpub] CA/B FORUM Ankara F2F Meetings Tentative Plan - *Response Required*

Mert ÖZARAR mert.ozarar at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 23:17:17 UTC 2013

Dear All,

I was assigned as the general coordinator for the event in Ankara in the
name of my company. You can directly keep in touch me for any point you
want anytime. We have prepared the tentative plan including social events.
Here you can find it attached. Swissotel at Ankara (
http://www.swissotel.com.tr/ankara.asp) has been selected for venue. It is
a 5* hotel with facilities. Even though there are other hotels close to
Swissotel, I strongly recommend you to stay there. We've already reserved
25 rooms to feel safe. The exact price per night is going to be finalized
just after calculating total number of reservations. It will tentatively be
around 100-130 Euros per night. Most of the lunches and dinners including
Cappadocia will be sponsored by us ;)

I need your response mails including answers to given questions below.
Please have a look at the spreadsheet attached.

1. Do you prefer to stay at Swissotel? If so, how many nights will you stay
there? (e.g. I will stay 4 nights in Swissotel namely Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday nights)
2. Do you plan to attend working group (WG) meeting on -TUESDAY-? On the
contrary, the first day has been assigned for WGs instead of third day.
(e.g. Yes! )
3. There are two social events on the second day. The first one is a
coctail in our premises and the second one is the gala dinner. We are
planning to choose one of the high quality restaurant s close to Ankara
Castle. Do you plan to attend both, just one or none of them? (e.g. Of
course, count me in :) )
4. There will be a special tour on Friday. We are going to visit Cappadocia
(http://wikitravel.org/en/Cappadocia). We will depart early on Friday
morning and will arrive to Ankara around 14:00 on Saturday. All travels
costs (coach, lunch, dinner, hotel, airport transfer) will be sponsored by
us. Shall I write your name to the list for such an event? (e.g. Hell, yes!
:) )

I'll be more than happy if you can reply to me as soon as possible (at
worst in a week time). Moreover, I can differentiate the inbound mails
easily if your mail subject will be "ANKARA PLAN".

Thanks for your action. Hope to see you in Ankara ...

Kind Regards,

Mert Özarar
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