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Hi Ben,

I have already been involved in some discussions on what has become TD 131
and I'm not sure that it's useful to think of the auditors as fulfilling the
role of "juridical experts" (although they could also decide to offer that
service). My simplistic understanding is that I as a relying party would
formally contract with a JE service and then, whenever I receive a
Certificate (e.g. an SSL certificate when I log on to an e-Commerce site), I
would send a copy of the certificate to my JE service and ask them whether I
should trust it or not - i.e. I do not rely on the Browser making that
decision for me.

At least that's how I read it!

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These are from Tony Rutkowski.  Let's discuss them on the list and then
during next week's telephone call.  

TD 131 seems to add a new PKI "juridical expert", which might already exist
in the form of WebTrust/ETSI auditors.  However, I'm not sure, and there may
be other changes that have not had full peer review.  

Also attached is the Q11/17 Report with some actions highlighted in yellow,
as well as proposed changes to X.509.  See TDs 43 and 241.

Please review and let's discuss.



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