[cabfpub] New straw ballot on Ankara F2F meeting dates

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a, b  (not c)

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On yesterday's call, it was suggested that we re-vote the proposed dates for the Fall 2013 Ankara face-to-face meeting hosted by TURKTRUST.  The reason for re-balloting is two-fold.  First, it was unclear for some who replied merely "a, b, c" whether they had a preference or no preference.  This time, please say whether you are indicating a preference or not.  And second, several members have been asked by the OTA to ask the CABF to reconsider its proposed meeting date of Oct 1-3 given that the OTA has its meeting planned in Bellevue, Washington, on Oct 2-4 (in conjunction with the IAPP meeting Sept 30 -Oct 2).

a - September 24-26, 2013
b - October 1-3, 2013
c - October 8-10, 2013,
(all Tuesday to Thursday)

Please "reply" indicating the letters corresponding to the dates on which you WOULD attend, if the meeting were to be held on those dates.  Please list your preferences in descending order.  The date on which most attendees indicate they are available will be chosen.  Only in the event necessary to break a tie will preferences be considered, and then the date with the most first preferences will be chosen.

For example, if you are not able to attend 24-26 September and prefer 1-3 October, then reply "b, c" or if you can only attend 24-26 September, then reply "a."  If you vote "a, b, c" then please indicate "in order of preference" or "no preference."

We will accept one vote from each planned attendee (and more than one vote from each organization), regardless of whether they have voting privileges or not, provided that they agree to sign the IPR Agreement as a condition of participation.

The closing date/time for this straw poll will be one week from today, 2200 UTC (Fri) 26 April.



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