[cabfpub] New proposed text for BR 1.1 issues 15 and 29

Hill, Brad bhill at paypal-inc.com
Wed Sep 26 20:36:02 UTC 2012

I have code written, which I am now refining and testing, to satisfy the subject U-label checks.

I've committed to this group that I will submit patches for the Java version of the ICU library (http://site.icu-project.org/) to implement these requirements.  If these patches are not accepted into the mainstream, I will provide diffs, source code and/or a custom-built package.

I would appreciate any volunteers to port the Java code, once finished, to the C++ version of ICU, if you happen to be particularly comfortable with that language, as I am a bit rusty as a developer there.


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What about mentioning the code you're writing to do these IDN checks? I think folks would be more willing to adopt this proposal if it was clear that code exists that is freely available, fully tested and sufficient for meeting the requirements. Otherwise the spectre of trying to write and test such code is too frightening to consider.


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Updated proposal attached.


*         Updated rules for IDN hostname labels to "label components" to allow, e.g. non-Latin scripts to be combined with Latin gTLD suffixes such as ".com"

*         Updated IDNA requirements such that hostnames must be valid in EITHER IDNA2003 or IDNA2008.  Opera is currently the only browser that supports IDNA2008, Mozilla has a bug to support it, and WebKit apparently has no current plans to implement IDNA2008.  Allowing both standards allows maximum compatibility, though there is some risk as some names that are valid in one but not the other, and some which are valid in both but resolve to different effective host names.

*         Updated the Unicode Security Mechanisms Restriction Levels and Alerts reference which has moved from UTR #36 to UTS #39 in the last few weeks.

Brad Hill
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