[cabfpub] Ballot [87] - Instant Runoff Ballot on Governance - Results

Ben Wilson ben at digicert.com
Wed Sep 5 15:29:32 UTC 2012

If a modification is for the betterment of the proposal and keeps with the
spirit of it by not dramatically changing the direction or overall structure
of the proposal, then I think we all benefit.  I’m not saying that either
proposal will or should be “modified.”  But Digicert’s proposal was 5 pages
and could be simplified and explained more. TrendMicro’s was a 1 ½ framework
that proposed little change except that “specific details, bylaws, rules,
and intra-member agreements would be drafted and approved by the Forum.”  I
think that having more information is better when making a decision than
having less information.   Finally, I think we should leave open the option
for a “compromise” position between the two proposals, which might be better
than one proposal or the other alone.


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The proposals can be modified? I think it´s not fair



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Voting closed on Ballot 87 with the following results:


Round 1 - Trend Micro 7, DigiCert 5, PayPal 4, Microsoft 1, No Change 0

Round 2 - Trend Micro 7, DigiCert 5, PayPal 4, Microsoft 1

Round 3 - Trend Micro 7, DigiCert 6, PayPal 4

Round 3 - Trend Micro 7, DigiCert 10


Result: Proposals of Trend Micro and DigiCert will proceed to further vote.

A two-week period (Sept. 1-14) begins during which the authors of the two
remaining proposals on the final ballot may modify their proposals while
keeping to the spirit of the proposal posted to http://www.cabforum.org.

At the end of this two-week period (Sept. 14), the two remaining proposals
will be published for a seven-day review period (Sept. 14-21), followed by a
seven-day voting period (Sept. 21-28) closing on September 28 at 2100 UTC. 


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