[cabfpub] DigiCert proposal comments

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Sep 13 13:59:10 UTC 2012

Here are some additional comments on DigiCert's proposal, with the aim 
of refining and clarifying it before the next vote.

1.f: "A non-member expert should be announced at the start of any 
meeting in which they are participating to inform Forum member’s of the 
non-member’s involvement."

Can we have a more light-weight process than this? For example, if there 
is a working group in which a particular non-member is a participant, 
does it not become tedious to remind everyone of the fact at start of 
the 25th and subsequent teleconferences? :-)

4.c: How are Working Group chairs appointed? Rationale para 3) suggests 
we are using the "first person to suggest a working group on a 
particular topic" method. Is this the right one?

5.b: "Any member may propose modifications to a work product prior to
the start of a ballot period." Is the Chair also the editor of the 
specification? If not, who decides whether a modification goes in or 
not? Currently, we have /de facto/ editors for our in-progress specs. 
Will that continue?

5.d: "Quorum requirements are met if a majority of the active members in 
each membership group participate in a vote." For clarity: does 
abstention count as participation?

6.c: There may well be a lot of redundancy in practice between a Forum 
Body vote and a Board vote. Could we allow Board members who are in a WG 
to vote "Yes at both levels" when voting, and save admin hassle? Or have 
an assumption that if a member supports a motion at WG level, they will 
support it at Board level?


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