[cabfpub] Trend Micro proposal comments

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Sep 13 13:59:07 UTC 2012

Here are some additional comments on Trend Micro's proposal, with the 
aim of refining and clarifying it before the next vote.

Header: "Specific details, bylaws, rules, and intra-member agreements 
would be drafted and approved by the Forum later if this governance 
proposal is approved." Would it make sense for Trend Micro and others to 
start that process now, so we can see what we are voting for with more 

Part A, 1: votes and voting results are not specifically mentioned here. 
Are they to be included in the public part of the Forum's workings?

Part B, 1: Who draws up the Working Group charter? Is the idea that a 
Working Group is created when the Forum votes to approve the charter, 
using the normal mechanisms?

Part B, 3: Non-members of the Working Group do not have to agree to the 
IPR policy, but may provide comments on proposal drafts. Is that 
correct? Is there an issue here?

Part B, 3: If the CAB Forum itself has a meeting, are 'independent 
parties' (e.g. those involved in one or more working groups) permitted 
to attend the proceedings, perhaps with observer status for those bits 
not related to their working group?

Part C, 4: "Consider creation of an Executive Committee..." Can we 
either make this part of the proposal, make it not part of the proposal, 
or give some details as to how we will decide whether or not we need one?


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