[cabfpub] If You're Going To San Francisco...

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Nov 30 19:01:08 UTC 2012

Dear CAB Forum members,

(This is sent only to the public list to cut down on duplication, as I 
hope everyone is on this list. If that's not true, let me know.)

Mozilla is pleased to be able to host the next CAB Forum face-to-face 
meeting, in the lovely city of San Francisco. (Note: the meeting is in 
February, so its loveliness may be best appreciated with the aid of warm 
clothing.) The dates are Tuesday February 5th to Thursday February 7th, 
with the Thursday planned as being a meeting of the Revocation Working 

Exact details of venue, hotel, events etc. are still to come, but it 
would help us in planning to get RSVPs.

If you are coming, please can you add your name and company to
? Please also specify whether or not you are planning to attend the 
Revocation Working Group session.

If you don't know who exactly is coming, but know you are sending 
someone, please add a note to that effect. If you are a CAB Forum member 
or observer and don't have a wiki login, please contact the Chair. :-)

Like the 'critical' bit on name constraints, wearing flowers in your 
hair will be required by the spec[0], but optional in practice.

Many thanks,


[0] http://goo.gl/HRYdN

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