[cabf_netsec] Meeting Minutes NetSec Working Group – March 1, 2022

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*NetSec Working Group – March 1, 2022*

*Attendees: *

Antti Backman

Ben Wilson

Brittany Randall

Bruce Morton

Clint Wilson

Corey Bonnell
Daryn Wright

Don Sheehy

Dustin Hollenback

Jillian Karner

Joanna Fox

Jozef Nigut

Kati Davids

Niko Carpenter

Prachi Jain

Pedro Fuentes

Rebecca Kelley

Ruben Anne

Ryan Dickson

Tim Crawford

Tobias Josefowitz

Trevoli Ponds-White

Tyler Myers

Chrstophe Bonjean

1. *Read Antitrust Statement*

 Clint Wilson read the antitrust statement.

2.  *Roll Call*

 Clint Wilson read the roll.

3. *Review Agenda*

No changes were made to the agenda.

4. *Approval of Minutes from last meeting*
No objections. Minutes were approved  from Feb-15th call.

5.* Discussion around definitions of zones*

Ben mentioned that there are 2 issues that can be separated out - one is
the issue of zones and other is the term  ‘high security zone’ (offline
high security CA physical environment). There has been some pushback around
this term. Ben talked about the different tiers/zones/layers of security.
Trev re-iterated why we wanted to get rid of the term ‘zones’. Initial
criticism is that some people think that a high security zone details some
minimum security requirements but it doesn’t do so in the NSRs. Further
discussions were done regarding how to fix this.
Trev mentioned there hasn’t been a broad opposition to removing either of
the zones terms (except one person).
Clint clarified the problem statement is that the NSRs don’t actually
impose any security requirements on the HSMs and how they are used, stored
and managed.
The proposed fix is to replace and provide new definitions and
terminologies around how HSMs are managed and connected. Trev clarified
that we are not proposing new terms but trying to remove the ‘high security
zone’ term since it is being used in different ways in different places in
the NSRs. The idea is to replace them with the detailed sentence instead of
using that term to clarify what we mean. Clint further added that it is
definitely a very worrisome problem statement. Trev brought up the air
gapped ballot(
Tim Crawford clarified that the initial issue was that right now everything
applies to offline environments which shouldn’t be the case and we should
separate out the controls around offline environments. Ben mentioned that
we should create separate ballots for all these issues. Brittany Randall
supported the change.
Trev mentioned that Ben should resurface the old ballot where we replace
all the zones/high security zones with the whole sentence. It was also
mentioned that the criticism was that we are lowering the security by
removing that term and by just replacing it with its definition. Ben went
through the old air-gapped ballot and shared all the changes.

Dustin Hollenback asked what was the pushback in the past and Ben explained
how striking out ‘high security zone’ was being considered as a  step
backwards in terms of security.
There was general agreement that there is a need to define physical
security for offline roots. Clint suggested that it would be beneficial to
have ‘physically secure environment’ as a defined term. There was further
discussion around the past comments and how to address those. A proposal
for changes to BR section 5 was discussed around improving the logical and
physical security.

At the end, we have 3 draft ballots currently - one draft ballot around
‘high security zones’, another one to address the lack of definition of air
gapped  or what it entails and what’s required for something to be
considered as air gapped and last one to introduce improved definitions
around logical and physical controls.
Brittany added some comments around air gapped systems monitoring.

Corey added that in the BRs there is a requirement for the CA to log all
entries and exit from a secure zone and that encompasses logging of any
kind of physical access. Further discussion was done around logging
physical access. Final outcome was that Ben will draft a small initial
ballot addressing high security zone and offline root CA key protection
physical security.

7. *Any Other Business*


9. *Next call*:

March 15th, 2022
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