[cabf_netsec] Meeting Minutes NetSec Working Group – April 12, 2022

Prachi Jain pjain at fastly.com
Mon Apr 25 18:55:19 UTC 2022

*NetSec Working Group – April 12th, 2022*

*Attendees: *

Antti Backman

Adam Jones

Ben Wilson

Brittany Randall

Bruce Morton

Clint Wilson

Corey Bonnell

Corey Rasmussen

Christophe Bonjean
Daryn Wright

David Kluge

Dustin Hollenback

Heather Warncke

Jillian Karner

Joanna Fox

Jozef Nigut

Prachi Jain

Tim Crawford

Tony Seymour

Trevoli Ponds-White

1. Read Antitrust Statement

 Clint Wilson read the antitrust statement.

2.  Roll Call

 Clint Wilson read the roll.

3. *Discussion Items*

a. We currently don’t have any ballots in discussion.

b. David Kluge gave an update regarding ongoing risk assessment work. He
mentioned that we have finalized the assets section and are at a place
where we can start assessing but are struggling with the methodology for
documenting the assessment. In the last cloud sub-group call it was
proposed that we use Microsoft’s STRIDE model. Trev offered to bring in a
threat modeling expert. Trev is still following-up with them.

c. David, Trev and Clint also discussed about the OCSP SLA changes (
There were some discussion around preference between global SLOs in the BRs
or SLO/SLA publications in the CPSs. There were no strong preferences or
reservations expressed by anyone. David will draft something and this will
be taken back to other WGs. Bruce Morton expressed that this will involve
changes in not only TLS BRs but other WG BRs as well.

d. No updates on zones ballot

e. Ben spent some time talking through all the issues that he has created
in Github : https://github.com/cabforum/netsec/issues Ben collected all the
WebTrust Task Force’s comments and put all the pending issues in Github.

4.. Any Other Business


5. Next call:

April 26th, 2022
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