[cabf_netsec] Cancellation of Thanksgiving Day NetSec meeting

Neil Dunbar ndunbar at trustcorsystems.com
Mon Nov 23 15:47:12 UTC 2020


Turns out that including a webex cancellation notice makes the text 
content of a message invisible on Thunderbird! So here's the text of my 
message just in case folks couldn't read it.

Since Thursday is the US Thanksgiving holiday, and the CA/B Forum 
meeting is cancelled, I think it makes little sense to hold the meeting 
on Thursday 26th (as we discussed previously on the last NetSec 
meeting). Given the Doodle votes, it still seems like Tuesdays before 
CA/B Forum at 19:00 UTC is the most popular option, so absent any 
observations from the team which would move against that slot, I'll book 
a bi-weekly slot for Tuesdays at that time. I know this sucks a bit for 
Europeans (and I'm one, whatever Brexit says!), but it seems like it 
would attract the greater number of participants.

This would make the next meeting of NetSec happen on December 8th, 2020, 
assuming we can gain a consensus on that time.

If possible, scheduling the Cloud Services subteam and Doc Structuring 
subteam meetings for the week before might be really handy - so then all 
the activity forms a neat funnel: Subteam -> NetSec -> SCWG. But I'll 
leave that to the hosts of the subteams.

All the best,


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