[cabf_netsec] Updates to discussion doc on SC28

Neil Dunbar ndunbar at trustcorsystems.com
Thu Jun 11 09:07:10 MST 2020


In preparation for an SC28v2, hopefully addressing some issues
highlighted by Ryan S, I've made some changes to the SC28 discussion
doc; I'd really appreciate it if the endorsers at least could take a
look and provide me with some feedback?


BR 1.6.1 : A definition for the term "Certificate Profile" is inserted.

BR 5.4.1 : A requirement to log creation, update and delete of
Certificate Profiles under a CA Private Key is added. Ryan did a good
job explaining why this stuff has longer term relevance than might at
first appear, so I do feel that a requirement to at least log that
"Certificate Profile X changed to X' on date D under the authorship of
person P" isn't actually a huge workload on CAs.

BR 5.4.1 : A requirement to log the addition, update and removal of
software from any CA operating compute is added. As I say in the
comments, I'm not sure it's actually needed, because I operated under
the notion that a system description always included a software manifest
and its history - but perhaps I'm wrong?

BR 5.4.3 : Added the requirement that logging for CA lifecycle events
must continue until either the Private Key is destroyed or the last CA
Certificate corresponding to that public key expires/is revoked.
Previously, we operated under the assumption that there was 1 CA Private
Key corresponding to 1 CA Certificate, but that's actually not
necessarily true. So the language (while horribly clunky) tries to
capture that.

I'd like to get this out to SCWG as SC28v2 by Monday at the latest, but
ideally Friday, so if you good folks could look at the document
and comment/improve it, I'd be hugely grateful.



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