[cabf_netsec] Comments to Renumbering from Rufus Buschart

Ben Wilson benwilsonusa at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 09:09:23 MST 2020

Rufus Buschart from Siemens sent the following to me regarding
re-numbering. (RFC 3647 only has one section number devoted to Network
Security -  Section 6.7 in RFC 3647  "Network Security Controls" only says,
"This subcomponent addresses network security related controls, including

>From Rufus - "I know, that ETSI is not the most liked audit scheme in the
world of CA/B, but anyhow, I think their they way to sort the Network
Security Controls acc. RFC 3647 in 319 411-1 should be at least considered
6.5.7) . And If one needs more structuring, one can always introduce
additional sub-chapters."

I'll take a look at 319 411-1 before the call.
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