[cabf_netsec] Minutes - Meeting of 13 July 2017

Tobias S. Josefowitz tobij at opera.com
Thu Jul 27 07:13:48 MST 2017

Hi all,

On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 7:51 PM, Bruce Morton via Netsec
<netsec at cabforum.org> wrote:

> ·        For 2.o. it was discussed to change “Restrict remote administration
> or access” to another term and somehow limit the word “access.” Tobias will
> send another proposal.

Since I was on vacation and things somewhat naturally piled up a bit I
was unfortunately not able to spend as much time on this as I would
have wanted to. I do have a suggestion to share with you, but I have
not issued a pull request yet as I realize it might need a bit more

The (so far) proposed change can be found here:


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