[Net-sec-threat-modeling] 19.03.2020 - Threat Modeling meeting

Ponds-White, Trevoli trevolip at amazon.com
Thu Mar 19 09:06:58 MST 2020

Well it looks like we do need to cancel it because the other netsec meeting now overlaps it.

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I'm not really up to speed on where we are with modelling, and I'm still not sure if I have rights to start the call (even with the new ID).

Does the team want to postpone? I suspect most folks in CA-land are burrowed deep in testing business continuity policies and have equally urgent deadlines.


On 19/03/2020 08:47, Mariusz Kondratowicz wrote:

I'm sorry but I won't be able to join neither NetSec group nor Threat Modeling Subgroup today. I've got really urgent project to be completed ASAP.

Will you be eager to continue TM without me today?


Mariusz Jacek Kondratowicz | Information Security Manager

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